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Art, Autism, Affirmation…

Concepts like faith, politics, emotions, behavior can be interpreted in so many ways… An individual in the spectrum can wait months before they can express the meaning of the ideas/messages received.

In this instance, my daughter in between climbing trees, collecting branches and running… unannounced, drew her interpretation of Jesus on the cross with a long branch. She was so concentrated, she was immersed in the process. I could not speak to her. She would not answer my questions.

She used her feet and fingers to clean up the sand and redo what she did not like.

Her question as she wrote the word PEACE?

People did not love Jesus and  they killed him?

As a parent, what do I say? I can’t over analyze the response. She’s almost 9. I can’t impose my thought process, belief.

I said: “That’s a good question and I think you know the answer.”

I have not imposed religion to her. I share faith. I share being empowered by doing good deeds. I remind her we must be thankful. We work hard.

I hope she will continue to use art to express meaning and find answers to the questions her mother will not always know what to say.


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  1. Incredible sand drawing. Provokes many thoughts and a strong sense of awe. Nice post.

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