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TV report – Alternative Medicine

Conversation about alternative medicine and its benefits.

FL lifted the ban on medicinal cannabis and a dispensary in St Pete FL opened.  I was interviewed to discuss our reality — we can’t afford the product, even though we’d benefit immensely from it.

As a parent – I’d have to pay for a consult, then a permit of sorts, plus the product.

Video: Reporter – Beatriz Pares – InfoMas, Tampa FL (July 2017). Subtitled.

Parts of our story!

Athens, Greece — September 2007 – At 40, no plan, I find out I’m pregnant – beautiful emotions, tons of fear…

October-December 2007 – Low placenta – progesterone given. Reflux – took too many TUMS. Too much Tylenol.

Early May – 2008 – Mild preeclampsia and mild gestational diabetes (controlled with nutrition, lost 15obs)

Late May 2008 – My wonder girl was born – C- section after 25+hrs. She was so irritable, screaming so much – as if she was in pain. One week after birth – diarrhea. Two months after birth – changed milk: gave her organic goat milk formula from New Zealand – everything stabilized.

November 2008 – Bronchiolitis – still reaching milestones

January 2009 – First dose of antibiotics – still reaching milestones, smiling, great eye contact

June 2009 – began to walk, a baby having fun

August 2009 – Due to finances – stopped giving organic formula and gave regular, tetra pak cow milk

September 2009 – refused to get on the stroller, major screams/shrieks. I carried her everywhere.

November 2009 – Stopped eating all healthy foods, only wanted dairy and chicken/rice, stopped napping – 18-20hr long days for all, began to walk on tippy toes; more irritable. Began eternal period of very sick every month – ear infections, fever for 7 days straight – tons of Tylenol given; constipation.

June 2010 – Allergic reaction – purple spots in inner thigh area – waking up at 1am  screaming/shrieks, vomited a white glob every day, lasted hrs awake – jumping in bed, repeating words from videos she had seen during the day.

December 2010 – My daughter had a massive regression – a kid learning 3 languages, laughing, functioning – changed drastically and did not function/behave/slept/ate/played as she used to…

Puerto Rico – June 2011 – Two developmental pediatricians said – she has moderate to severe autism. Both also said: Autism is Medical, address the medical issues and she will come back to life. Nutrition was changed drastically. Physical activity magnified (beach, parks, walks, runs, pool). ATEC was 150 —

September 2011 –  She began to answer to the question What is your name? in Spanish and Greek.

Athens Greece – September 2011-January 2012 – DAN (Defeat Autism Now) protocol and Occupational Therapy – 5 times/week, 1hr every day plus parks, beach, sensory room – Little by little more progress

March-June 2012 — Day care center — very positive experience; many challenges; overall learning for everyone involved. Stopped DAN protocol. Gave fewer supplements and more homeopathy.

April 2012, what we lived  –

Summer 2012 — Intense, many emotions, tears, screams challenges (whole family) – surviving autism

Florida, USA – August 2012-Present  — Autism, brain inflammation, Pandas/Pans, ADHD, sensory disintegration – moderate to severe 2012/2015.  ATEC now about 8 (during non-flare days).

Alternative medicine used: homeopathy (4 different types/practitioners), CBD from hemp, various supplements, RENS supplement, continuous nutritional changes — Leaps and bounds, improvements more obvious since Fall 2015 to present.

Therapies in school – Language Therapy and Occupational Therapy. No Behavior Therapy.

Dec 2015 –
May 2016 –  some of what my kid can do/say…


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Treating disturbances of the immune system with immunomodulatory and/or anti-inflammatory therapies.
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