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The Happy Kingdom embraces Autism!

Blessings for all…
We complete 2016 with progress, challenges and plenty of possibilities…
We wish you endless amounts of beauty for every day of 2017 and that every decision made will be beneficial…

Each photo has a story, a challenging detail and beauty at the same time…
Those are our days and we welcome them, willing to overcome and love every instant…
Thank you for being with us in the Happy Kingdom!

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About the #media and its reporting, portrayal of individuals with disabilities

The #media and its reporting, portrayal of individuals with disabilities (obvious and non-obvious) is dismal.
Reporting of events having to do with pets or gory stories are prioritized over 15-30 seconds of reality from a disabled perspective.


** FACT: Stories with roles based on a disabled individual are not a part of TV shows/movies – As the The Ruderman Family Foundation White Paper states – 95% OF CHARACTERS WITH DISABILITIES ARE PLAYED BY ABLE-BODIED ACTORS

** FACT: Out of 8 events I organized – promoting acceptance, inclusion, awareness, parental empowerment — 2 received media coverage (greatly appreciate support from Natalia Rodriguez and Gaby Romero)…

How to correct this?

  •  Don’t only report the tragic stories
  • Marlee Matlin, Temple Grandin cannot be the only individuals with disabilities that will be referred to by the media – every community has its stars and they must be a part of the discourse
  • Use language appropriate to the story — NO PITY!
  • A weekly segment (TV and Newspaper) reporting the ins and outs of disabilities in all communities – NEEDED (reporting must include a novice or trained individual with a disability; thus opening the door to guarantee employment and fulfill ADA)
  • CREATE a campaign – nationwide – clearly stating – Special Needs are not scary, Autism is not scary, Down Syndrome is not scary, Cerebral Palsy is not scary,etc… The masses must hear this clear and bold message from the news and the artists that appear in People Entertainment Tonight. Until this happens the disability community will remain ostracized and discriminated…
    Enjoy my daughter telling Teacher Christopher Ulmer – Autism is not scary. Autism is a beautiful heart deep inside you.
  • TV shows/Movies – disabled role must be played by a person with a disability (i.e.: my daughter created a video requesting Disney they create a TV program with a princess with #Autism – and she wants to play the role of the Princess)

As Danny Woodburn (actor) states – – “… complex and pervasive problem that will take a long time to remedy. However, it is imperative that we take steps in the right direction immediately with a few concrete practices.”

My daughter and millions are ready.


The Ruderman White Paper: Employment of Actors with Disabilities in Television…/…

From the White Paper:

The Argument We ARE Making

Instead we believe that it is absolutely unacceptable to have 95% of cable and broadcast characters with disabilities played by actors without disabilities. It is a matter of social justice to have a large segment of our population authentically represented in the mass entertainment that is television and scripted, dramatized stories. It is necessary to create an environment where actors with disabilities have access to play characters with disabilities. It is also necessary to reduce stigma surrounding “invisible” disabilities such as mental illness. Only by having actors who are open about those disabilities will we slowly create a society that doesn’t shun or shame a vast segment of its population. We have to tell stories about people with a variety of disabilities and we have to be fair in representing them accurately. Only then will we have more realistic stories that reflect our society. We will not choose a number and say that this is how many characters with disabilities need to be played by actors with disabilities. But we are saying that it’s about time we start ensuring that it’s more than 5%.


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All about empathy and respect…

A diagnosis of autism carries the stigma that individuals in the spectrum are not capable of showing empathy or understanding emotions.

But even in the depth of a massive regression at 2.5yrs old, I could find those moments where my child demonstrated an understanding of emotions — very basic for her age yet it happened.

Now at 8.5 yrs, Thomais is in full grasp of emotions, what they mean, how to handle them. The curiosity to understand others and their existence is intense.

One year ago, she saw homeless people and immediately she asked why were they living/sleeping on the street. I kept the explanation basic and reminded her, just because they don’t have a home does not mean we can’t be considerate.

For months, I heard about the experiences, the homeless, more questions. I kept the message consistent.

Christmas time is here and as she continues to ask about various topics, homelessness included, I let her know we could visit a shelter that helps those who need the support.

She agreed and asked: “but what do they need, we must bring something.”

I said correct, they need a lot of what you have.

She said toys, I said No. Just the basics like shampoo, toothpaste, deodorant, etc.

It was agreed her funds would be used to purchase the goods.

I contacted various reporters and Mark Wilson from FOX 13 News recommended we visit Homeless Empowerment Program (HEP) in Clearwater.

Lo and behold our tour took place. We met the founder, Barb Green and our host Ashley Lowery, Director Comm and Devt.

Thomais was extremely curious. The kitchen/dining hall and the Thrift Store were her favorite places.

We gave words of support to each other.

I thanked them for the opportunity to allow my child to learn about aspects of life she is not exposed to — yet, at her young age, she has already learned about rejection based on her behaviors and reactions. I reminded them that as a parent, I refuse to have her grow up rejecting others because they look or behave different.

They thanked me for being proactive and willing to do things differently.

Another seed has been planted. It will be watered, conditioned, treated with more love. She will let us know in due time what the fruit will be and how she’ll share it.



  • HEP is a self-sustained community – Families, Veterans, Singles – all benefit from their services. Doctors, nurses, dentists, Professionals in various fields can volunteer. Donations are needed  (details in the website).
  • We’ll return end of January – help in the dining hall! Join us!!
  • I am a parent. I trust my instinct. My past experiences – good and bad – and wonderful people around us guide most of the decisions I make with my daughter.

Find HEP on the Internet!



Event on March 18, 2017




Psychology Today

Spectrum News

Autism Research Ctr






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Wishes for Christmas!!

The Happy Kingdom is getting ready for Christmas.
Yadira will host a special Christmas podcast – Yadira in the Happy Kingdom – and she will read your wishes.
Fill out the form and listen to my podcast!

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Multimedia Mom – Inspired by Autism!

I am a  multimedia mom. Autism now guides my days.  I was not interested in blogging. I was not interested in creating videos. My new world caring for my daughter with special needs has opened this unstoppable interest to share, discuss my ideas and realities. At some point, I want our life to be understood and respected.

As a parent, the decisions I make and made, need to be discussed, analyzed in future university courses. Employer training programs must include the input of parents — they will employ our offspring and their reactions to day to day business decision making is not part of their comfort zone —

What we survive with our kids/adults is unequal to anything parenting could bring to anyone’s life.

Our voices must not be drowned.

Our ideas, suggestions must not continue to be ignored.

Every blog entry. Every video I make. Every post I share. Every effort has the intention to make sure everyone realizes the success of our children/adults in the spectrum depends on what we do, what we allow, what we tolerate. We, the parents, facilitate and then we handle the over stimulation or meltdown at home.

We are survivors. We are caretakers. We love our children/adults.

Dear world… Listen to us – in any format we choose.

Parent… speak up, share your truth. Don’t wait.

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Survey Time

Your raw, open, honest opinion is more than welcomed…

AUTISM REALITY or realities?

King Sun, a leading character, has autism. He must jump all the time. Even while doing speeches, while eating… yes, that is what he needs to do.

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The power of a study guide


This study guide shall enhance the dialogue at home and in the classroom.

Future generations will be positively influenced by the thoughts and ideas presented.

We will share drawings and poems!   Email them to: