Multimedia Mom – Inspired by Autism!

I have become a multimedia mom. Technology keeps pulling  and reminding me more needs to be done.

As parents of a child/adult with special needs our voices are continuously drowned, interrupted and ignored. I refuse that premise.

I am the parent.

I survive autism.

My child relies on me to learn about the world.

Social media, the power of videos and curiosity leads the way. There is no limit. I will continue to share our reality, delights and challenges. From a parent perspective, at times tender, many times way too crude.

Autism is not a deterrent in our lives. On the contrary, it is an eye opener.  It is a super wake up call. It is also a slap on the face. What matters here is, what are you going to do parent? How will you overcome the nasty of autism and allow your child to thrive? Verbal or not, every individual in the spectrum has something to offer.

Use technology, use art, use your voice. Make it happen, don’t wait.