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We know all about autism awareness.

We want action. Life with autism is 365 days, 24/7…

These are various posts  I shared in social media. They reflect the reality of many families. For many it’s been the same or worse for 10+ years. The media rarely reports on these matters.

Do share!


Act today! I know you are aware…
Reach out to those around you in similar circumstances…
Autism survival is tough, we can’t do it alone…

Read on…

My respect to the families doing their best with their adults and the severity of the diagnosis = in diapers, self aggression, sick, weakened immune system, encephalitis, OCD…
Read this father’s reality…. Share his story, he seeks help!


Wandering… the biggest fear in any household raising/protecting/caring for/surviving a child/adult in the spectrum.
They move fast, stealthy, quiet, they may or may not know what they are doing.
At the grocery story, my daughter who is apparently aware of consequences, she moved away for 5 seconds (right before I told her I need you by my side as I’m paying at the register). 
I breathed, did not scream, just called her name and she was right by the entrance of the store.
She called out for me and there I was.
I hugged her, then gave her the third degree. I reminded her of the negative consequences. I reminded her I want her safe and it is a tough job and she must help me.

We survived it. She is fine.  12hrs later I asked her to write 5 sentences (see the pic). 

Her thought process in the raw and to me obvious we still have tons to keep working on.
My respect to her reading coach – last year she was not able to do this!!! Something super good out of this…

My respect to the families that have children/adults that are non verbal. Your home does not have to become a jail but safety is #1. There are steps to take and I request you use the resources available in your community, online – no need to do this alone.

Community — this is hard, we need help.




Many parents heard these exact words from many professionals in the field… still occurs today!

Parent, if you’ve ever been told this fallacy – report the doctor to the American Academy of Pediatrics 
American Medical Association (AMA) 
American Academy of Neurology (AAN) 
American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry 

This is not professional. It is unacceptable. Not every case is the same. Not every family is the same.


sit down plz!!!
Neurofedback therapy can cost $250-300 per week!!! OUCH…
Eval/Assessment $500-1000+ – not included!

Most times, not covered by insurance!


Love, expressing it in different ways


Don’t you ever doubt… I have the pleasure of knowing Robin and Ann Millan — the utmost respect for both… Be inspired, don’t doubt, research, act…
Read thru this… all of it…




Sad outcome – Missing Teen in the spectrum was found dead



Power of unconditional love

‘Cause, we the parents make it happen!


Watch the documentary – My Kid Is not Crazy

A search for hope in the face of misdiagnosis




Many children/adults wake up after 1-2hrs of falling asleep — with sweaty head, night terrors, screaming, sleepwalking, jumping, in a different realm, speaking gibberish, some aggressive — 
It is scary. As a parent, we feel no control…

Tonight first time in 6+ yrs, my daughter’s, now very brief wake up session – head not as sweaty and she fully verbalized a thought – I guess she was dreaming — she was shaking, she looked concerned — 
She said: “I just released the sea creatures… so they can be happy”
I told her – you are being a great explorer. Kissed and sang to her and she fell asleep —

This is huge… a clear thought… full of meaning – 
She may not remember this tomorrow AM. I’ll ask her…


I am a featured guest in the Autism Town Hall Meeting produced by WEDU PBS in Tampa. Sooo honored!

* Event I organized – Autism and Employability – great resources here!


Event I organized Autism and Legal Matters
* Many resources in the link– If you have a teen, please start reading about this now! Do not wait!


Autism, anxiety, overstimulated senses = reality = afraid/not being able to enjoy a movie



The day my child stops going thru these outrageous situations… 
yes, the kind that proves awareness is not real… I will stop these posts…

One day to promote awareness is not enough… 
#autismawareness everyday!
Help my kid forget this ever happened! Be her voice… share… 
 No teacher should ever scream!



Interaction with Teacher Chris – Special Books by Special Kids —

Thomais is diagnosed with autism. She quickly hid inside a cabinet when I entered the room.

Instead of forcing Thomais out I sat on the floor and talked to her and a beautiful interaction followed.




I make this request because I’ve heard horror stories of families that have been fleeced, used, manipulated by unscrupulous individuals who sought to gain from desperation and need. Simply, they saw an opportunity to easily profit and took it. Buyer beware!

Domestic violence occurs in many households… Talking about it it’s not easy. This mom with two boys with special needs finally opens up.
After so much pain, she’s alive, healing and building her happy kingdom.

Lalita Tooley is a Mexican mother of two special children, Connor, her eldest son who was born with down syndrome and Jack, her youngest son who has autism. Like any other woman, her dream was always to be able to form a family with the man she loved, the father of her children, but that dream disappeared after the birth of her second child.
Tooley claims that her husband could not bear to see that his two children were disabled children, which led him to take a despot attitude toward her, which later became physical and psychological abuse.
Eight years after being a victim of domestic violence and a restraining order against her former partner, Tooley is dedicated to caring for her children and other children with special needs, as well as giving support talks to empower parents with special children .
According to statistics from the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence, in the United States every minute, 20 people suffer from domestic violence by their partners, which is equivalent to more than 10 million victims a year.



Best message I ever received from two developmental pediatricians… Autism is medical they said!

I did not know what they meant then. Like minded families have guided our path…
No more teeth grinding. No more monthly sickness. No more barking cough. No more grumbling tummy. 
Still mild sweaty head. Still sensory issues.
Major improvements in behavior I mean MAJOR!!!
Read a lot. Ask questions. Address the medical issues and your child will come back. 
I keep at it…





So proud of my friend E and her daughter M. —

M. picks her eyebrows, armpits and more when OCD is raging.

She’s not a kid anymore. She knows what she’s doing yet she cannot control herself.

Parental power in action —

They tell M  –  you hurt yourself, we are sad, we help you. If you keep picking your hair we’ll put the phone in the trash.

M reacts by turning her head.

Time passes, M picks her eyebrows.

Mom E throws phone in the trash.

Major reaction from M and verbalizes awareness of what she’s done.

She’s asked: What will happen if you pick your eyebrows?

She answers: Phone in the trash.

Every family finds a solution to their reality.

Tough love works. It is not easy. It takes time to see results. But it works.



Video of my daughter after arguing, crying, losing all calmness — she insists 9+9=0 because that is what ST Math says.
She needs to be taught how to learn!!!


A mom writes:   My 19 month old is non verbal and a head banger. I am awaiting his evaluation but gosh this is so hard…he screamed for 3 hours straight today while knocking over everything he can and hitting himself. His anger is worsening by the day and it’s just me and my son all day everyday while my husband is off and home about 1 day a week. Does anyone have any calming mechanisms? It seems like all he does is scream and rage all day nothing I’m doing is helping him and Ive cried so many tears. Anyone go through the extreme anger fits with a toddler?

MY NOTE:  A 19 month old without a history of psychiatric issues in the family should not head bang, should not have anger fits. I have learned, there are medical issues behind these behaviors. There are medical solutions to address it. Early intervention is key!  Around 19 mths, my daughter also had a brief period of head banging and screaming fits at 11pm-1am. It did not last long thank goodness.

Interesting info here:

Treat Autism CA

Autism Research Institute

MEDICAL COMORBIDITIES IN ASD = one of the best sources!


April 19 at 7:05am ·  2017
Things are.much better now 
Health and behaviors 
Tons to do
Parents do your homework , there are many ways to address the medical symptoms our children endure, suffer from

April 19, 2014 · 

The helplessness.. impotence. .. lack of control… sadness. .. frustration… etc…  We experience daily with our children and the diagnosis of autism is sooo overwhelming. .. 
Give me the good days… the bad ones I say… F .. k U autism!!!!!!

Action now… I demand answers to address the medical issues affecting my daughter’s behavior


Disabled girl denied class trip to Disneyland

Family was told bus did not have wheelchair lift

MY NOTE:  We experienced the same last year —

One more time, I witness a reaction to my pointing out my kid is not included, my kid is not accepted. It is too obvious and I notice.  My daughter needed to be with her classmates and other 2nd grade students on that stand, belting it away, being a part of a school event. Mrs. Urban, thank you for letting me know now that she’s very advanced in your class. That is a real Mother’s day present. Yet, she’s not a 4th Grader, she’s not in choir. She’s a 2nd grader who participates in two different classroom dynamics because that is what she is needs: a least restrictive environment.

You told me 3+mths ago that Thomais had changed so much, improved so much and you were very proud of her. Yet, the opportunity was missed to show your pride as a teacher and confirm that  United We Soar! as the school proudly exclaims every time.  There is no soaring… There is no united and all of you know it. School and district administrators and the FLDOE are fully responsible for this mess; because there is no directive guaranteeing these absurdities will not take place in 2016.

But, they keep happening!




We must talk about it… Parents must become the first line of safety in their kids’ life. A lot must be read. Parents must accept what their child/teen/adult can or cannot understand. Request a social story from the organizations that are supposed to help. Above all, remain cautious and communicate to the best of your abilities the concept of body awareness, physical safety.

Read this — Two child sex offenders explain how they picked their targets

I did this video last year – Talk for the Voiceless Now!




In Florida and other states

1. YOUR child may be removed from school
2. Transported to a psychiatric facility
3. Held for up to 72 hours WITHOUT YOUR CONSENT OR KNOWLEDGE!

Click the link, read, act:


And tons more takes place…

Many families celebrate the huge and small successes.

Many families suffer in silence.

Thank you for your support. Share our stories throughout the year, not only in April!

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WEDU PBS Autism Broadcast: Yadira Calderon Is A Featured Guest!

I thank everyone who is making these opportunities possible.

Town Hall — my intervention, segments from Autism and Employability parent panel —   min. 23:28 – 29:04 and min. 48:38 – 49:14

Webcast – min. 4:04 – 4:39


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Volunteer work in the Happy Kingdom!

Yes, at 8/9 years old doing volunteer work is extremely important.

But wait, at this age kids should be in parks, riding bikes, some may say playing computer games is part of being a kid these days. But T. and her friend S. were taken to the Thrift Store, part of the Homeless Empowerment Program in Clearwater.

T. and S. know each other. They play great together. They leave each other alone. They drive each other crazy. They are kids learning about life. They are kids and in most instances, they’d be regarded as one of the bunch. It is wonderful and as parents, we are so proud.

The kids wondered why did we have to volunteer. We explained in simple terms – We want to give back and be thankful for everything that is good in our lives because others are not as fortunate. Explanation accepted.

While volunteering, reality is more than obvious and we moms start realizing that 10 years from now our kids would not survive 5-10 min in any job. We were not there to play and personal interests confirmed how much work was to be done (sorting clothes and placing them on hangers). Once the personal interests were no longer thrilling and the realization that actual work is expected, this is when our duty as parents became really fun. Looking for entertaining explanations to keep them focused was a live rendition of every reason we’ve heard moms say for hundreds of years. Let’s sort by color, by specific item, do this number of items and we’ll do this,  we have so many minutes left, that’s enough I need you here right now. And you can imagine the rest.

Sensory needs, literal comprehension, specific interests, lack of focus, a new situation and space, the temptation of the site; these are realities our kids and many others must learn to address, overcome, manage, inquire with others who’ve been thru the same and above all, ACT NOW! Our kids must learn to act now. We the parents must act now.

Job training programs targeting the specific needs of anyone – with and without a diagnosis – is a reality that needs to be worked on immediately. Proactive parents will not wait for the government to create these training programs. Proactive parents will work with training centers to provide services based on specific needs. Training centers will welcome parental participation.

This was a very successful first time. This will be a long road. We’ll be back and make it as fun as we can. We’ll be sure our kids will gain valuable skills while being real, engaged and loving life.

More updates soon…


NOTE:  Jan. 19, 2017 was a wonderful day in Tampa Bay FL — The Panel Autism and Employability took place. For the first time, parents presented incredible stories on how they achieved working with, training and obtaining employment for their adults in the spectrum. Plus, an adult in the spectrum shared the lessons learned while creating his own business as a fitness trainer.

The volunteer experience was presented by one of the panelists. Being wise, we took her advice and gave it a try. And our  eyes were opened one more time… Thank you FM!








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How to get the local media to report on events in your community?

As we get ready for our event Autism and Employability, we approach the press wanting to get exposure and let Tampa Bay know their involvement is needed.

Our latest experience…
– Sent note via FB to local reporters stating:

Help me invite Chick-fil-A HR folks!
They should participate in our event – Autism and Employability
They must #presumecompetence and realize that #Autismisnotscary

Man with autism sues Chick Fil A for discrimination!

To our surprise, this morning we met Gayle Guyardo from WFLA News Channel 8​ in Tampa Bay. She interviewed us and a report will be shown this Wed Jan 18 –  AM and PM shows!

Lesson learned…   Persistence, Insistence… with a touch of controversy that ties into your reality, makes it happen!
We can do this…

#DisabilityinMedia #HollywoodInclusion

** We’ll  be very surprised if Chick fil A participates in our event. We shall see what is going to happen with the lawsuit against them.