What to do?

  1. Choose art from the website or the FB page (@RainbowMosho)

2. Make your purchase here.

3. Email us – let us know which creation you wish to purchase –

4. we’ll deliver a file – digitally!

You may use this product to create your t-shirt or craft.

  • If you will create more than two t-shirts (not for sale), contact the artist!


NOTE: Art rights – Exclusive to Rainbow Mosho

Art must not be altered

Always give credit to the artist




Yes, you can support an artist and acquire art digitally.

What can you do with your digital file? You can do t-shirts, cups, a calendar.

Why pay? It is important to pay for unique and original art.

Recently, a prospective customer wanted one of my latest creations (Bees Abuzz) and she did not want to wait for t-shirts to be made…

And what did she do???  She paid for my art and she will create her own t-shirt.

I am ever so thankful. This is an incredible opportunity for me to be recognized for my abilities and be compensated.

  • Yes, it is about licensing or the use of intellectual/art property of the creator.


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