Thomais and I wrote a very special book celebrating a royal family where all of its members have some form of autism.

This book is real, loving, difficult, painful… just like life can be.  Our story emphasizes the beauty of life and wish to share how important it is to seek quality of life – yes, even when the challenges of a diagnosis test our will on a daily basis.

Share this masterpiece with your loved ones, teachers, doctors, therapists and members of your community. Yes, we take responsibility and make the effort to promote change, acceptance, inclusion.


Autism: The Happy Kingdom is an empowering children’s book with the message that “We might be strange sometimes to your eyes and ears, but our hearts are just like yours.”

My daughter Thomais and I wrote this magical book.

My daughter and hundreds of families inspired me.
We simply present our take on various realities of autism.

Our magical and surreal message is for families with children aged 7-12 and those who are still children at heart. Everyone will enjoy the setting, the revelation, the beauty.




  • This wonderful book has not been published. In the meantime, enjoy the coloring experience and the activities in the study guide!
  • Original illustrations come from various artists in the spectrum and the incredible work done by Maa Illustrations in India.
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