** Original art created by #RainbowMosho between March 12-May 20, 2020.
For any kid, the massive changes we’ve endured will stir a variety of emotions.

These 3 prints are so meaningful in the artist’s young life… Her Grandma Vicky passed away on May 1, 2020. Rainbow witnessed love and the reality of a loved one leaving your side. Her art is a result of the emotions felt these months.

Angel in Heaven was created one hour after she found out her Grandma was no longer breathing. She could not verbalize what she felt and she drew it.

Faith is the plushie given to her Grandma by Hospice. Rainbow named it. Faith unite all souls and gives hope.

Tree of Life is the result of questions asked as the days passed, mobility was limited and we all wondered what is important in our lives. For Rainbow, every item in her tree of life brings greater meaning to her existence — knowledge, soul animal, key to life, love in her eyes, curiosity, fire, anger. At almost 12 years old, Rainbow is capable of understanding the importance of being rooted and finding meaning in her days.



Set of 3 consists of:

3 PRINTS – 8.5 X 8.5

  • The prints are perfect to be framed.
  • Give the gift of unique and original art by Rainbow Mosho!

** Rainbow was asked, why so much blue? She says: Blue represents memories and I spend so much time outside, I love the blue skies.

** She’s surviving. She’ll be a stronger human being after this experience. But ask her, she’ll tell you… this was tough…

** BTW — Rainbow wishes to know which creation is your favorite?

** Created on #ipad – #Adobe Draw program – using her finger!!

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FB/IG = @RainbowMosho





** For a kid with autism, traveling to a different location to help take care of a sick grandparent and experiencing loss, these emotions could become tornado force winds of upheaval and disruption to reality.

** But, art to the rescue and this young artist was capable of expressing what she was feeling based on a variety of circumstances.

She faced beautiful moments. While she sought understanding of the tough ones — while working on patience and many other reactions that challenged her days.

Each piece expresses a moment, a desire, an emotion, many dreams… Ask Rainbow what she was thinking while creating each!