PINOCCHIA by Thomais V. Moshopoulos


PINOCCHIA – Latest e-book by…

Yes, you’ve read correctly… It is now, PINOCCHIA!

 Thomais V. Moshopoulos  – She was born in Athens, Greece in 2008.

She was developing like any other kid but at 36 months she had a massive regression and autism became a part of her life. She loves dinosaurs, whales and at times she believes she’s an encyclopedia and loves to share what she’s learned.

Dyslexia challenged Thomais and thanks to an incredible tutor, she learned to read in 2017 – at 8yrs old –

She is beyond thrilled with the greater discoveries she’s making.



Thomais’s latest creation to be enjoyed, cherished and analyzed.

Daily experiences influence her creative process and how she decides to adjust a story…

This time it is Pinocchio and it is a girl!

Every drawing and word may take time or motivation… Wanting to have tablet time, most times, mega motivates her. This story, she created it in less than 2hrs…


 NOTE: Thomais requests you email her comments and suggestions – so she can continue to improve her spelling and sentence structure!