The Story of Thomais – Book (English)


The Story of Thomais  confirms you must believe in life, love and reality.

Join Thomais as she discovers her family is separated and how autism was one of the culprits. She seeks answers and wants you to be a part of the solutions!   About Thomais V. Moshopoulos Thomais V. Moshopoulos was born in Athens, Greece in 2008. She was developing like any other kid but at 36 months she had a massive regression and autism became a part of her life. She loves dinosaurs, whales and at times she believes she’s an encyclopedia and loves to share what she’s learned. Thomais learned to read this year and is beyond thrilled with the greater discoveries she’s making.



Thomais decided to write and illustrate her book …
Part 1 she says …

She knows she belongs to the universe. She is discovering that her emotions are very powerful. Now she understands that her family is separated, how autism forced this separation and of course, she has many questions.

* NOVEMBER 2017 – Laura Harris from WFTS – The Now Tampa Bay Interviewed Thomais!

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 A friend asked –

Did she do the drawings?

Yes, every single one.

Did she come up with her own story?

Yes, she did. She asked questions. Mom answered. She wrote and drew.

How long did it take her to create her book?

About 15 days.

How did she react once it was done?

It was cathartic. Both Thomais and her mom cried a lot. Thomais expressed what she wants — her family to be together.


* Thomais has autism – the assertion of many that “individuals in the spectrum can not express emotion” is challenged. This book rejects that notion.
* Thomais is very funny, curious and expresses depth in her writing and drawings to understand that her family is separated and the reasons that created this reality.
* Thomais has dyslexia – 2017 was a breakthrough year – Thanks to her mentor, Mrs. K, and after a year of hard work, Thomais learned to read and understand the material at her grade level. Finally she can spell. She can send messages, text, etc. Before she could not! Now she loves to read.
* A children’s book should not look perfect. This jewel is replete with the most perfect, meaningful and fun imperfections you have ever seen.
* This book is about love, life, learning to deal with problems and finding answers. Yes, at 9 years old Thomais is facing this incredible dilemma. She just wants you to enjoy her book … talk about it … and be part of her future decisions!


NOTE: 1 in 5 children in the United States has dyslexia. Not all states recognize or provide training to teachers to ensure early recognition and the use of multisensory methodologies. This has to change.

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Thank you – The Art of Autism – for sharing Thomais’ creation and reality!  (click the picture to read more)

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