Thomais had sent 2 videos to Steve Harvey — There has been no response and she reaches out to the other influential media wonders to join her on April 5 at the United Nations to talk about Empowering Girls, Women with Autism. Thomais wishes  to highlight the needs of poorContinue Reading

Yes, a FREE e-book! Get it here Thomais learned to read like her peers in the period from March 2016-March 2017. An incredible tutor made it happen… Mrs. K will remain in our hearts and lives for eternity… Her patience, dedication and willingness to teach and learn from Thomais isContinue Reading

We are so thankful to the members of the press that have expressed interest in our projects in the U.S.A., South America and Europe. Visit our news page here!                 * OCTOBER 2017 –  REGIONAL EMMY NOMINATION FOR WEDU-PBS broadcast  – Autism TownContinue Reading