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Yadira V. Calderon has been eating, breathing, sleeping, challenging and accepting autism for the past eight years. She is a dedicated warrior, author of Autism: The Happy Kingdom and professional self-esteem booster. She speaks three languages and has lived in six countries, having traveled to another twenty-seven.

While her friends know she is determined, persistent, positive, creative, open-minded and realistic, she believes these attributes and newly acquired ones have prepared her to become the mother of eight year-old Thomais. Her daughter drives her to overcome every preconceived notion regarding autism and associated behaviors.

Personal and professional experiences pushed them to author a book welcomed by every family. When Yadira speaks, she always says “the relevance of the book is in its celebration of the uniqueness found in those on the autism spectrum. Entertaining the reader is key and being a part of the story is obligatory.”

Recent exchanges reaffirm her belief that, “the next generation must grow up reading about autism at home. This is the best way to break the divide and dissipate fear.”

Thomais clearly says it:

“Autism is not scary!

It is a beautiful heart deep inside you!”