Saturday June 12, 2021 is one memorable day.

The community of Hendersonville said yes, yes, yes to Rainbow Mosho.

Families joined Rainbow Mosho and enjoyed the reading of her second book – Rainbow Rabbit Meets  Oracle the Alphabet Creature.

It was incredible.

It was majestic.

Yes, a 13 year old in the autism spectrum positions herself as a purposeful individual in this grandiose universe of ours.

Yes, Rainbow co-wrote and illustrated every page of the book.

Yes, Rainbow learned to express her desire to read, to keep learning how to learn.

Rainbow created her own alphabet to make sense out of this incredible world of reading. By creating her incredible creatures she was able to understand the relationship between letters, words and paragraphs. Basic knowledge for an author in the making.


There are more  books. There are more words and dreams to be shared.

Kids must learn from other kids. Rainbow Mosho is living proof of that.

Thank you Diane Johnson for believing in Rainbow Mosho!


I invite you to visit Rainbow’s Amazon page:
She says:
I am taking all the steps to keep learning about Entrepreneurship. Meanwhile, I build my content and reaffirm my purpose. 13yr old artist and author on the autism spectrum 3 books in 9mths – books for kids by a kid