November 19, 2020 shall remain that memorable day when we accomplished the step of becoming published authors.

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Why should we care? Because according to financial analysts our circumstances are beyond unfavorable when we speak about initiating a new venture with all the stars lined up.

Yadira – mom – is unemployed. Housing stability is sought. Thousands of dollars were not at our disposal to implement a strategy to launch a bestseller. Rainbow is on the autism spectrum – this means she requires greater attention in some instances and explaining new concepts require a lot of repetition.

But, none of this matters and we are breaking all patterns of initiating a business with many challenges and we know there are also so many possibilities and opportunities.

We are focusing on the possible and what matters.

We have a great story to tell.

We have a long term goal that will build a platform of independence for Rainbow Mosho.

We love challenges.

We thrive on impossibles.

We have a wonderful tribe of support that is creating momentum and supporting many of our steps.

We must try this huge step and give it our all. I, Yadira, must set a great example to Rainbow. We face difficulties and we must continue. It is OK to ask for help. It is OK to accept this is tough. It is incredible to welcome the rewards of this important decision.

We strive for excellence, quality of life and independence for Rainbow Mosho. This is the one way we must attempt to make it happen.

We shall keep you informed of our progress and discoveries.

Thank you for joining us.






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Press  Release

Co-Authors Rainbow Mosho and Yadira V. Calderon chose

the self-publishing path to present to the world their creation

“What I Gained and Lost During COVID19”

Nashville, TN — Rainbow is a 12 year old artist with autism who has the willingness to use art as the lead support and survival tool during a period of uncertainty. After months of creation while facing anguish, fear, PTSD, increased OCD, silliness and witnessing the passing of a family member, she understands that love and family will always guide her path, as well as discovering the ability to cope. The co-authors believe this is an important message to all families facing a myriad of challenges and not knowing what to do with their children.

A beta reader of the book commented: “Rainbow wants us to discover and implement positive coping mechanisms to help us deal with our feelings when circumstances are beyond our control.”

Rainbow and Yadira have received a lot of attention by choosing to be honest and vulnerable about this experience. The authors simply want their message to reach everyone that needs it and open the door to increased communication – considering suicide rates amongst teens is on the rise. The publishing world has shown increased interest in reading material that presents truthful portrayals, first-person experience and the voice of the disabled. Their book fills a void in this market.

“What I Gained and Lost During COVID19” is a one of a kind book. In each page you will witness inspiring and beautiful art — all created on an iPad with Rainbow’s index finger. Another beta reader says: “This young author with autism reminds us that pain can lead to transformation and at twelve years old, that is a very profound but simple thought. Emotional Art Therapy at its best. A MUST READ!”

This dynamic duo have utilized social media as the key tool to prepare for the launch of their book – Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn – all have provided key sources to network and increase exposure. One stellar experience is the crowdfunding campaign through Kid Everest – a platform by kids for kids to seek funds for a variety of projects. In 48 hours, Rainbow’s campaign reached its goal. A week later, Rainbow’s campaign made history by receiving the largest single contribution ever. Yadira says: “What matters here is the reaffirmation that nothing is impossible and we can always find a solution in this process — yes, as we learn about entrepreneurship.” Another enriching event is being a sponsor in the Youth Entrepreneurs Auction, created by Patricia Clahar. All of these experiences are the result of organic content and exposure in social media.

Yadira’s desire to create a platform for Rainbow’s abilities began in 2017 after attending the Autism Observance Event at the United Nations and being a featured guest in a PBS documentary (Autism: Breakthrough to Hope). Yadira considers the existing steps provided by government programs, to build a stable and independent future for an individual with a disability, do not emphasize real life skills at an early age. Above all, she refuses to wait until Rainbow is 16 to talk about a plan for her future. This is why she took Rainbow to the United Nations in 2018 to witness what other individuals with autism are achieving and creating.

Presently, the authors live in Middle Tennessee, after spending 6 years in Florida. Both acknowledge the state has opened the doors to diverse experiences in the art world. Participating in art crawls, self-support groups in social media and involvement in community events is creating exposure and greater awareness.

“What I Gained and Lost During COVID19” will be launched through Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Ingram Spark the week of November 19, 2020. The authors invite you to be marveled in a transformational and unconventional reading and art experience!


Yadira V. Calderon and Rainbow Mosho

Lo and behold — on November 19 – the great surprise… the actual books arrived!

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