Our life is a whirlwind and we don’t have time to waste.

Rainbow keeps creating and she understands all the hard work has a purpose.

Rainbow has incredible skills and we are prioritizing those.

The challenges of the diagnosis of autism and now puberty will not take control of what is achievable, doable and simply wonderful.

This new book, Rainbow Rabbit Meets Oracle the Alphabet Creature, is the product of curiosity and wanting to learn differently. Yes, she is creating a tool that is beyond fun and will help many kids that need visual supports to reinforce the science of reading. She survived learning how to read four years ago with dyslexia to add on to the equation.

* Animation created by Rainbow Mosho with FlipaClip app

Thank you Ms. Katie for your love and patience and letting Rainbow know she could learn. Thank you Dad for the support needed to have Ms. Katie in her life.

And Rainbow created a new alphabet that will revolutionize the learning of letters and words.

We invite you to enjoy every page and participate in the creation of your own creatures. Share them, email them so we can together help other kids.

Yes, kids can learn from other kids. Rainbow is making sure this happens.


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