A recent interview with A.ware Foundation in Canada gave Rainbow and her mom the opportunity to share insight. What influences and inspire the art of Rainbow Mosho? A great question with  revealing answers that shed light on the emotions and pain experienced by a 12 year old with autism. Let’sContinue Reading

Be empowered by this mother/daughter team as they approach the realities of surviving the diagnosis of autism and other co-morbid labels like PTSD. Art to the rescue — creativity allows for communication to be effective and seek tools to survive the day to day. The goal is to build onContinue Reading

Rainbow Mosho learned a bit more about selling art and supporting Unique Sweets and Liza Pereira Curiel – those Tropical cupcakes are incredible!! What a team, such dedication… #Chicago welcomed Rainbow MOSHO with open arms… Validating her skills as an #artist and building needed skills for her future. Thank youContinue Reading

MAY 2020   Families… We have lived and experienced a variety of realities. Much learning no doubt … moments of joy and confusion, all at the same time. My daughter, almost 12, with autism, now she is verbal – she shared her love for her grandmother and expressed her feelingsContinue Reading

When in need of help… you seek it. How? At this point of time, there is no limit to the various sources of support many families, educators and therapists can find – particularly if your kid/teen/adult has a diagnosis. Yes, many of our children require various supports. Many of thoseContinue Reading