The State of Tennessee has been so good to us.

Everywhere we turn, opportunity knocks on our doors. But, when I am the one knocking, or sending e-mails, many times, the doors open and we are beyond surprised.

We thank Borderless Arts Tennessee for the great variety of artistic experiences offered. Rainbow was welcomed in this group when she was 10, the youngest member. As a parent, I knew many times she could not handle the demands of the various experiences. But you know me, I insist on exposure, we try. If it works out, great. If it does not, we move on and we try another day.

So, art is at the center of their activities but more than anything, human interaction and the desire to experience artistic development is the core of their work.

Painting, Drawing, Mosaic, Animation, Sewing, Singing, Dancing, international art techniques, international art exchanges and more is offered. And we graciously participate.

Thank you to the TN Council of Developmental Disabilities for featuring in Breaking Ground and awarding a Grant to Thomais – to acquire art material. Yes, at the height of the COVID19 reality and the immediate changes in our lives (unemployment, caring for sick relatives, life as we knew it stopping); their support afforded us peace and respite. Read more here!

Everyone else who treats us like family and supports our day to day… You know we greatly appreciate you.

Yes, we continue!!