The State of Tennessee has been so good to us. Everywhere we turn, opportunity knocks on our doors. But, when I am the one knocking, or sending e-mails, many times, the doors open and we are beyond surprised. We thank Borderless Arts Tennessee for the great variety of artistic experiencesContinue Reading

Be empowered by this mother/daughter team as they approach the realities of surviving the diagnosis of autism and other co-morbid labels like PTSD. Art to the rescue — creativity allows for communication to be effective and seek tools to survive the day to day. The goal is to build onContinue Reading

So much keeps happening. So much we continue to discover. Rainbow Mosho is a 12 year old with autism who prefers to express her emotions – even though many times she does not understand why she feels a certain way. Mom and family to the rescue – we support eachContinue Reading