So much keeps happening. So much we continue to discover. Rainbow Mosho is a 12 year old with autism who prefers to express her emotions – even though many times she does not understand why she feels a certain way. Mom and family to the rescue – we support eachContinue Reading

Rainbow Mosho learned a bit more about selling art and supporting Unique Sweets and Liza Pereira Curiel – those Tropical cupcakes are incredible!! What a team, such dedication… #Chicago welcomed Rainbow MOSHO with open arms… Validating her skills as an #artist and building needed skills for her future. Thank youContinue Reading

MAY 2020   Families… We have lived and experienced a variety of realities. Much learning no doubt … moments of joy and confusion, all at the same time. My daughter, almost 12, with autism, now she is verbal – she shared her love for her grandmother and expressed her feelingsContinue Reading