We wrote a book to share a variety of experiences during these bizarre times we now live. As a parent, I was not going to be at peace complaining about the difficulties and uncertainty. I became an instigator of proactiveness, realizing we all needed to acknowledge and accept our emotions.Continue Reading

The Greatest Young Entrepreneurs Auction is happening soon – Nov. 30 to Dec 7 ********************************************************** Rainbow Mosho is a Giveaway SPONSOR for this event. Rainbow says: “I am so proud of every #kidentrepreneur and #teenpreneur like me ready to work hard and create a solid economic foundation for life.” MyContinue Reading

Rainbow Mosho and her mom were approached by Marisa Bentley from Linc-d right after their interview with A.ware Foundation in Canada. It was unexpected. It was perfect. Two moms with the same goal: to open the door so the obvious skills (art) shared by their kids, becomes a tool toContinue Reading