Be empowered by this mother/daughter team as they approach the realities of surviving the diagnosis of autism and other co-morbid labels like PTSD. Art to the rescue — creativity allows for communication to be effective and seek tools to survive the day to day. The goal is to build onContinue Reading

Meeting Koby and Brigette was the highlight in August 2020. These two have a bright future ahead because their plans include building an awareness and acceptance platform of all individuals who now may be considered different because of a diagnosis. Their first steps are commendable. Their approach is beyond professional.Continue Reading


So much keeps happening. So much we continue to discover. Rainbow Mosho is a 12 year old with autism who prefers to express her emotions – even though many times she does not understand why she feels a certain way. Mom and family to the rescue – we support eachContinue Reading

Rainbow Mosho learned a bit more about selling art and supporting Unique Sweets and Liza Pereira Curiel – those Tropical cupcakes are incredible!! What a team, such dedication… #Chicago welcomed Rainbow MOSHO with open arms… Validating her skills as an #artist and building needed skills for her future. Thank youContinue Reading