Our minds at this moment are racing… Our hearts are beating faster than ever… and it all feels incredible. Yes, we will self-publish in 24hrs. Our book “What I Gained and Lost During COVID19” will be available in Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Ingram Spark. This is such an accomplishmentContinue Reading

The Greatest Young Entrepreneurs Auction is happening soon – Nov. 30 to Dec 7 ********************************************************** Rainbow Mosho is a Giveaway SPONSOR for this event. Rainbow says: “I am so proud of every #kidentrepreneur and #teenpreneur like me ready to work hard and create a solid economic foundation for life.” MyContinue Reading

November 4, 2020 UPDATE – Rainbow’s crowdfunding campaign reached its goal in 48hrs! 5 believers took a bold step to support the process and guarantee self-publishing and empowerment are a reality. One more time, partnerships with strategic leaders create an environment of growth and possibility. So important we work withContinue Reading

Yes, it happens. And it is an empowering moment when an established artist, who creates blissful pieces, takes his time and space to let others know about you. In this case, Artist Lex Tirado (from Puerto Rico) decided it was important to share Rainbow’s art and inspiration to his followers.Continue Reading